Electronic Based Marketing, Inc. (EBM) is the leading online marketing consulting firm in the Inland Northwest. Integrating Video, Social Media, Websites, Email, Text Messaging, Blogs and other ever-changing tools, we help our clients develop electronic marketing strategies with trackable return on investment.

Our team sells no advertising; we show our clients where to invest their advertising dollars to maximize their effectiveness. It is common for our clients to reduce their advertising budgets by 50-80% while increasing their return on investment advertising dollars by 200-300%.

The typical small business owner is very good at performing the core function of their business but they generally, by default, also wear the marketing hat; something they don’t understand or even like. EBM has helped hundreds of small businesses and non-profit organizations by economically providing the plans, expertise, step-by-step tutorials and the accountability required for our clients to manage and achieve their marketing goals. And if necessary, EBM will do the work for them. In other words, we help our clients maximize their marketing efforts by showing them where to focus their time and resources. We collaborate with web developers, graphic designers, social media administrators, videographers, ad agencies, and marketing departments to develop strategies with powerful results.

We believe that electronic marketing provides some of the most efficient and cost effective tools for reaching customers, clients or patients. For every offline medium like television, radio billboards, yellow pages, direct mail and magazines there are electronic equivalents that are faster to deploy, cheaper to produce, measurable and dramatically more effective.

Our EBM Certified Marketing Consultants find ways that work to grow your business. We find Social Marketing, which is another way of saying word-of-mouth marketing, to be a highly effective strategy for most businesses. EBM shows their clients how to identify their core customer base, maximize their relationships with that base and engage their customer base in their marketing plans. Contact us today to start the process towards a more profitable online presence.